Benefits of James Hardie Siding

At Burbach Companies, we help homeowners boost their curb appeal and create a house that they love to come home to by providing excellent solutions for exterior construction and design. One of the ways that we recommend homeowners improve their home’s exterior is by utilizing James Hardie siding, which is a type of fiber cement siding material. Learn about some of the recommended benefits of James Hardie siding!

Easily Customizable Look

First of all, if you want total control of the design of your home’s exterior, then James Hardie siding makes it easy, as it can come in a variety of different forms, whether it is more blocky panels, or fashioned into long slabs that create more of a cottage look. In addition, James Hardie siding comes in a huge variety of different colors, and the vibrance of those colors is longer lasting than typical paint on wood siding. Studies have shown that James Hardie siding color will last about 30% longer than standard painted wood.

Weather Resistant

James Hardie siding is going to be around for a long while on your home, because you won’t need to replace it nearly as fast as you would other types of siding. The fiber cement that James Hardie is made of will withstand extreme weather conditions with incredible durability, as it is usually 5 times thicker than vinyl siding, and won’t warp and bend like wood siding.

Boosts Home Value

A major reason you want to improve your home’s exterior is because you want to boost your home’s curb appeal. That’s a major reason to upgrade to James Hardie siding, as it makes your home look much more vibrant with its outstanding color longevity. In addition, when your home is being valued, James Hardie siding adds to the value of your home, because it won’t need to be replaced or upgraded for a long time.

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If you or someone you know in Utah wants to upgrade their home with James Hardie siding, or has more questions about why it might be a good option for them, then don’t hesitate to give a call to our experienced team! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find stunning solutions for your home’s exterior.