When you think about living in the Midwest, and specifically about building a home in the Midwest, there’s one home material that you’ll automatically envision, and that’s stucco. Stucco homes are a classic, and almost every neighborhood or subdivision in Utah will be littered with homes that are plastered with stucco.


Stucco was traditionally made from crude materials, such as dirt and straw. Today’s stucco is more advanced. We promise that we won’t be coating the exterior of your home in mud made from dirt and straw. The rough material that modern stucco is made from is incredible durable and withstands the desert weather very well. It’s ideal for hot and dry climates, like you’ll find here in Utah. In places that are humid it has the potential to produce mold or even rot, but you won’t have any issues with things like that here in Utah.

Aesthetic appeal

We can create stucco in absolutely any color that you can imagine, so the sky is your limit here. Stucco manages to look rustic while also looking put together, so stucco is a great exterior option for any sort or style of Utah home that you could dream of.


Maintenance is also easy, so you won’t have to worry about costly upkeep when it comes to maintaining the look you get upon installation. All it requires to keep it looking like new is an occasional sandblasting and a possible reapplication of paint in a few decades. The cost of materials for us to install stucco to the exterior of your home isn’t very high, which means that this is a very cost effective exterior siding option. If you’re looking for a rustic and cost effective exterior siding option for your Utah home, stucco is the perfect siding material for you and your home.