Stone and Brick for Your Exterior Remodel

When it comes to having a durable material for your home’s exterior, many homeowners opt to go for brick, or a style of natural stone that helps bring a natural aesthetic to Utah’s homes. Brick and stone siding helps create a timeless appearance. It’s important for homeowners to understand their options for exterior remodeling, and there are many reasons why so many of them opt to go with stone and brick.

Why Use Brick or Stone for Your Exterior Remodel?

Both brick and stone create an incredibly timeless aesthetic. For decades, masonry veneers and facades have been in style for American homes in various regions. In addition to looking beautiful, both materials create a shell of fire resistance on the exterior of your home, as well as help lower the costs of cooling and heating a home, so homeowner’s get their investment back, over time.

Aside from fire, it is also incredibly resistant to wind and rain, which makes it great for variable weather states, such as Utah. Because of these aspects, brick and stone exteriors greatly add to the value of a home.


While there are plenty of advantages to using stone and brick to remodel the exterior of your home, there are also some disadvantages, as well. Namely, masonly-based siding tends to be expensive, and can cost anywhere from $6 to $15 per square foot, depending on what option you are getting.

Whether or not this is worth it to the homeowner depends on several factors, such as how much they were looking to spend in the first place, how much it will add to the value of the home, and whether they will see any great energy savings.

Brick and Stone Maintenance

Bricks and stones are durable materials, by their very nature, and tend to last much longer than other types of exterior sidings. Still, bricks have a tendency to crack, over the years, which is why you should do a routine inspection every couple of years to check how they are holding up. Large cracks may need to be replaced, or can be repaired by using mortar.

If you have any questions about brick or stone maintenance, Burbach Exteriors can help!

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