Siding Options

Your home is your castle and, like all castles, it should be designed to protect against everything the outside world can throw at it. This means it needs to stand against the elements for years to come. Siding is your home’s front line of defense in several ways. It protects your home from the sun, snow, rain, and hail but also acts as insulation to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. Finally, your home’s siding is the first thing people see. Picking the right kind of siding means navigating durability for your climate and aesthetics. At Burbach Exteriors, we are ready to help. Here are a few options and their benefits:


Vinyl is great for both dry and humid climates and can handle heat very well. Unfortunately, vinyl doesn’t do well in cold weather or harsh weather patterns. Vinyl is an excellent choice because it is cheaper than some options, requires minimal maintenance, and can accommodate a wide range of styles. If you live in a fairly temperate environment, are looking for a fairly inexpensive and versatile option, vinyl might be just the choice for you.


There is a reason people use the phrase “ built like a brick.” Fashioned from fired clay, bricks are solid, attractive, and can last for over 100 years with minimal maintenance beyond occasionally adding mortar between the bricks. Brick does exceptionally well in hot climates because of how quickly it cools but does have the tendency to chip in harsh weather, which can affect the appearance. Brick is one of the more expensive options but you can purchase veneers, which are cheaper, but still offer some of the benefits of brick siding.


Stucco is the the original siding of desert peoples in American West. The material is cheap and holds up exceptionally well in hot and dry climates. It has problems in humid environments because of mold and potential rot, though. It can also be painted to match any color you are looking for and maintenance can be as simple as the occasional sandblasting and reapplication of paint. If you live in a desert, stucco may be the best option.


This is also a popular option for homes in hot climates. Like brick, stone is effective at cooling a home but is susceptible to harsh weather. Stone is also more expansive than the other options on this list. However, stone provides an attractive natural appearance to the siding of a home that is both functional and rugged. Like brick, stone veneers can be used to lower the price.

James Hardie Fiber Cement

Hardie siding is an industry favorite. It's won numerous awards for its beauty, durability, and quality. Burbach Exteriors is the only featured installation expert of James Hardie siding in the Salt Lake area. With our experience and reliable team, you can be confident that you are getting the best out of your investment of exterior siding, backed by a 50-year warranty. 

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