Brick & Stone Siding Repair & Renovation

Many Utah homeowners opt for brick or natural stone siding on their home’s facade in order to create a timeless appearance. It’s important to understand your options and any special considerations that may come up as you’re installing brick or stone siding for your home:

Masonry versus Brick Veneer

Brick exteriors have timeless appeal because they lend a sense of history to a building, nodding to the Georgian architecture of early Americana. However, few modern structures opt for brick masonry during construction. Modern standards for insulation have made brick largely impractical. However, the solidity and appearance of brick still holds major appeal. The answer to the dilemma is a brick veneer.

Beneath a brick veneer, the home is perfectly whole, although it’s important to understand that a brick veneer isn’t a simple sticker. Rather, it’s a full brick wall. The only difference is that the brick is strictly decorative, and not vital to the home’s construction and security. No pressure is placed on the brick wall.

One downfall of a brick veneer, however, is that it can be easy for brick to crack and crumble over time. That’s where Burbach comes in. Our top-of-the-line repair and installation can restore a brick facade to its former beauty, perfectly matching the material and style of the original installation.

Stone Facade

A popular trend in Utah households is a stone facade. Similar to brick siding, a stone facade doesn’t contribute to the structural soundness of a building; it’s strictly decorative. However, this decorative stone is incredibly versatile, and lends a distinguished air to a home.

Here at Burbach, we offer stone facades for your home in just about every variety; talk to us about stacked slate, patchwork riverstone, stone flats, and beautifully realistic stone veneer. We offer a wide variety of options, all paired with Burbach’s dependable, top-of-the-line installation.

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