Brick & Stone for Remodels

Many Utah homeowners choose a brick or stone veneer for their home’s facade to give it a modern yet timeless appearance. For modern constructions, natural brick or stone masonry are largely impractical due to modern standards of insulation and other reasons. The aesthetic appeal of brick and stone is still strong, which is what makes a veneer the perfect option.

Brick Veneer: The Best of Both Worlds

Houses that are made from brick have a rugged yet modern look to them. A brick veneer siding can be added to almost any house and still fit (and in most cases enhance) its aesthetic. The desire and demand for the aesthetic of brick sidings are what inspired the creation of decorative brick veneers.

Beneath a brick veneer, the house is still whole. When talking about brick veneers, the term “veneer” does not refer to a thin material or sticker. Instead, it is a full brick wall with the only difference being that it is only decorative and is not an integral part of the home’s construction and security. No pressure is placed on the brick veneer wall.

Possible Complications

One downfall of a brick veneer is that it is prone to cracking and crumbling over time. Solving this common problem is one of the things we at Burbach do best. Our experienced and professional repair and installation team can restore any brick facade to its former beauty, accurately matching the material and style of the original installation for a uniform and beautiful look.

Stone Facade: Versatile and Distinguished

A common trend for home remodels in Utah is to add a stone facade. Much like brick veneer, a stone facade does not contribute to the structural soundness of a building and adds a beautiful and distinguished look to any home.

Decorative stone sidings are versatile and come in a wide range of varieties, making it easy to match the style of any home. We at Burbach offer stacked slate, patchwork river stone, stone flats, beautiful stone veneer, and more. All of our options come with Burbach’s dependable, top-of-the-line installation.

Trust Burbach for Brick to Add Brick & Stone Siding to Your Remodel

If you are remodeling your home, you can trust us with your brick and stone siding needs. We are able to install, maintain, and repair brick veneer and we offer a wide variety of stone sidings. Call us today and our helpful team will be able to get you a quote for your project and make a plan that will work for you.