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4 Different Types of Patios to Transform Your Backyard


Your backyard deserves to be a tranquil and enjoyable place to spend time in, rather than just a pit of dirt and weeds that you’re embarrassed of. Landscaping, especially when it comes to a backyard, is often undervalued and one of the last things that is redone. Your backyard deserves better than that! One easy way to get started on the remodel of your backyard, is to update or install a patio. Here are a few of our favorite types of patios to consider for your backyard transformation!




One of the least expensive pati options, is concrete. The easiest way to get this done is to have someone come and pour the concrete for you. It will be a fast project, and give you a large surface area to work with and decorate. One great thing about having poured concrete for your patio, is that you can do a lot with it! You can paint the concrete, add a decorative border, or add an outdoor area rug.


Concrete stones


If you want a more pieced together look for your patio, concrete slabs or stones is a great option. You’ll still have to level the ground and tamper everything out, but it’s less mess and it’s easier to do yourself because you won’t have to worry about the pouring of the concrete. It gives you the same flexibility as poured concrete, but gives you a more dimensional look.


Wooden deck


A wooden patio is technically a deck. You have to have space between the bottom of the patio and the ground, so it’s best if it’s slightly raised. Wooden decks are stunning and one of our favorites, as it has a lot of different looks and is absolutely beautiful in any yard.


Paver stones


Paver stone patios are similar to the concrete stone patio we mentioned earlier, but they are made with smaller stones, and are filled with paver sand to keep everything in place. You can create different designs, such as herringbone, with these stones, which can add a lot of interest to your patio and give you a unique look for your backyard.


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Tudor Revival with Stone Facade Siding

Tudor Revival style home exterior

Here at Burbach Exteriors, we love to see different styles of homes, and we’re excited when we see a unique project with which we can help. We know that your home is an important place, and you want the exterior to reflect that. Whether you’re redoing a home for your own sake, or getting ready to sell, we can help you install stunning exteriors that last.

One style that’s fairly unique here in Utah, but always guaranteed to stop traffic, is the Tudor Revival style. You know it when you see it, but what can you actually do to adopt this style into your own home?

Tudor Revival in America

English architecture styles have always influenced American buildings. However, one of the most distinct examples of this is the Tudor Revival. The original Tudor era occurred in England at the end of the Medieval era around 1485–1603, bridging into the Renaissance. Although the Tudor style is frequently seen in the castles of the nobility, its most distinctive features come from more modest cottages build by commoners or as summer homes for the gentry.

The Tudor Revival in America mostly refers to a period from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Tudor revival architecture allowed for romanticism of medieval times and a love of quaint country cottages. It creates a combined feeling of gentility and comfort that appealed to upper-middle-class Americans. Today, Tudor Revival style has ongoing popularity in creating striking curb appeal and uniquely charming accents such as winding staircases and casement windows.

Elements of a Tudor Revival Home Exterior

  • Steeply pitched roof: The sharp roof angles of a home are often layered and complex, offset with high stovepipe chimneys and asymmetrical frames.
  • Accent eaves and gables: Tudor Revival homes have many ornate elements around the exterior, such as sharply contrasting gables and beautifully paned windows.
  • Exposed half-timbering: This wood-and-daub style of exposed timber is often closely associated with the Elizabethan era of Shakespeare’s time and is one of the biggest hallmarks of Tudor Revival style.
  • Stone or brick facade elements: Exposed half-timbering is often balanced out with the homey, natural look of a stone facade or exposed brick.
  • Multi-story layout: The two-story facade is often accented by contrast in materials, with the half-timbering only decorating the second story and the first story featuring the heavier brick and stone.

Are You Redoing Your Home's Exterior? 

Here at Burbach Exteriors, we offer only the finest exterior siding and facades that will stand up to the unique challenges of Utah’s climate. We have experience in many different styles and can help you transform your dream into a reality. Give us a call today.

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5 Curb Appeal Tips for Fall


A lot of people begin to neglect their landscaping when the weather gets a little bit cooler, but that’s a mistake. There are a lot of things you can do to boost your curb appeal once the weather gets a little bit cooler. In fact, it’s probably one of the best times to give your landscaping a little bit of loving, since your lawn and garden are starting to die and look a little bit desolate.


Keep your lawn tidy


Your lawn may be browning, but that doesn’t mean that you should let it get bogged down by fallen leaves. It looks a bit sloppy, but it’s also really bad for your grass, and promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi.


Plant fall flowers


All of your beautiful summer blooms are likely dying off, leaving you with an unattractive brown garden. Replace your summer flowers with some vibrant mums, or other fall flowers, to keep your curb appeal at its maximum.


Clear out your gutters


With all of the falling foliage, it’s likely that you gutters are clogged up. Not only is it important to clean out your gutters to keep up appearances, but it will help prevent water damage to make sure they’re cleared out.


Add some outdoor lighting to your walkways


During the summer, your guests can find the way to your door, and back out to their car, safely because the sun stays up so late. As the days get shorter, you may want to consider adding some sort of lighting to illuminate your walkways to not only increase the beauty of your yard, but provide a safe path for your guests.


Add a simple wreath to your door


When it comes to decor any time of the year, you want to keep it to a minimum. Too many decorations detract from the beauty of your home, and can quickly become clunky and tacky. The perfect fall decor for your home is a simple wreath on your front door, to show your festivity, and provide your guests with a warm welcome into your home. Try a wreath made with simple foliage and fall flowers. Another beautiful way to make your home stand out as winter is just around the winter, is to give your front door a bit of a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. A deep red is perfect year round.


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Top 5 Exterior Projects to Increase Home Value


The real estate market is constantly changing, but one thing that has always held great importance when it comes to the value of your home, is the exterior of the home. Most people make the decision on whether or not they want to purchase a home before they even cross the threshold. Curb appeal, and the exterior of your home, are incredibly important, and are some of the first things you should do when considering a renovation. Here are 5 exterior projects that will increase the value of your home.




Professionally installed siding not only completely transforms the appearance of your home, but it also improves the insulation within your home. You can take your home from drab and old, to modern and sleek, just with updated siding.




Having a strong and durable roof is incredibly important, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Roofing is also one of the most difficult exterior projects to tackle, but potentially the most rewarding. Roof damage is often the most expensive repair, so replacing the roofing before you find damage or leaks is so important.




Having large, energy efficient windows in your home will make it more appealing than having small or old windows. If you have a room that feels closed in or cramped, adding a window(if possible), will makeover the room and make it feel more open and inviting.




Adding a deck to the exterior of your home can increase the return on investment by 81% of the overall cost of building your deck. With that kind of return on investment, why wouldn’t you build a deck for your backyard? It’s a great place to relax, spend summer evenings, and watch your kids build snowmen during the summer. There are a lot of options when it comes to building a deck, and we can help you find the right solution for you.




Next to decks, adding a patio to your yard is one of the best things you can do to transform your backyard! You can easily build a patio out of stone, stamped concrete, or brick, and instantly boost the appeal and value of your home. You can also add a pergola or some other type of enclosure over the patio to add another beautiful element and a bit of cover.


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