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Home Exteriors: Stucco vs. Concrete

Concrete home exteriors are making a comeback. This material, once reserved for schools, prisons and homes in developing nations, is favored here once again after having experienced a resurgenc.... read more

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Siding: Vertical or Horizontal?

If you’re looking at new siding for your home, you’re probably considering various materials, like vinyl, wood and fiber cement. But after you pick one of these, think about whether you want to inst.... read more

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Home Exteriors Deteriorate in the Sun

Is the sun doing a number on your home exterior? The heat of the sun in August can be blistering — literally, but mostly only to painted surfaces. Today’s advanced paint formulas are more prot.... read more

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Try Engineered Wood for a Lasting Finish

Engineered wood is the practical homeowner’s choice for exterior cladding. But consumers who choose engineered wood also have an eye for beauty — they’re not getting the cheapest.... read more

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