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Soffit Vents May Be the Answer to Your Moisture Problem

Installing soffit vents is one way to protect your home from excess moisture and rot. Many homes today are built so that they are practically airtight. Modern building materials allow for such snug.... read more

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Home Renovations in the Historic District Can Be Challenging

If your home is in the historic district, can you renovate the exterior to mesh with your particular tastes? Heck no! Many cities and towns, including Salt Lake City, have what is k.... read more

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Keep Rain Gutters Clear to Prevent Spread of Zika

When you think of rain gutters, you may not think of the Zika virus, but you should. Rain gutters that are not properly maintained can result in pools of standing water — a welcoming .... read more

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Vinyl Siding: How to Keep it in Good Shape for Years to Come

Vinyl siding is tough, but it’s not invincible. What, if anything, can damage vinyl siding, and what can you do to prevent it? Extreme Heat We’re not talking about the kind of heat you get on.... read more

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A Home Exterior Is a Big Commitment. Look before You Book!

Seeing is believing. When you’re shopping for a new home exterior, a picture is not worth a thousand words. What you want is to be able to see and touch real, live samples of what you’re considerin.... read more

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