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Your Brick Exterior Doesn’t Have to Be Red!

You want a brick exterior, but what color brick should you choose? If you’re agonizing over this question, you’re probably not a traditionalist. The truth is, a lot of people, when asked what color.... read more

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Accent Lighting Brightens Up Your Home

Never underestimate the importance of accent lighting. The old, yellow, 60-watter you keep burning on your front porch at night to keep the bugs away isn’t doing your home’s image any favors. .... read more

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Home Exteriors: A How-to-Clean Guide

Your home’s exterior needs a bath. Just like kids and dogs, your house needs bathing too, and it will probably result in less of a mess than you get bathing kids and dogs. The first thing you want.... read more

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Home Exterior Improvements: Step by Step Instructions

Spring is almost here, and your home’s exterior is going to want some sprucing up. Spring cleaning isn’t only for your closets, you know. It’s for the outside too. Maintaining your home’s exterior.... read more

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Get Your Gutters in Shape for Rainy Season

  It’s not too early to worry about how your gutters held up this winter. We may have a few more weeks in which a snowfall isn’t exactly unexpected (though it may be unwelcome), and right after .... read more

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